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Rebol 2 Command/SDK

Is there any possibility to get the Command/SDK for Rebol 2? I want to use the FastCGI interface.
Does any Rebol 3 implementation already support the FastCGI interface?
Best Regards

posted by:   Peter     5-Jul-2016/1:00:53-7:00

Carl's wife responded to a request which was presented several months back. I don't think you should expect any official support from RT at this point...

posted by:   Nick     6-Jul-2016/21:02:28-7:00

Thanks Nick. So, the only legal way is to use R3?

posted by:   Peter     7-Jul-2016/4:45:11-7:00

And another question that then comes to mind (and shouldn't be asked here, but I am not seriously asking it anyway) is, if RT does not want to sell anyone the SDK anymore, could it be made available for free download, or is that technology lost forever now, superior technology in the dustbin of history, like Control Data or Burroughs computers, or many other things that many people could think of, that never survived because they were not Inferior But Marketable.

posted by:   Steven White     7-Jul-2016/10:23:04-7:00

There was, at one point, a beta release of the SDK that Carl published publicly, which included a license key. I know it's no longer available on RT's site, but I'm fairly certain there are some copies around (I'm certain I have a copy somewhere in my archives, but not sure which one it is). I'll see what I can figure out about that release...

posted by:   Nick     7-Jul-2016/21:01:13-7:00

Thank you very much! Do you have some new information?

posted by:   Peter     9-Jul-2016/16:45:37-7:00

I looked through some old releases, but unfortunately archived every one of them together with a license key, so I'm not sure which one came with a license in the download. I'm certain there was a beta release with license. If anyone in the community can confirm the version, I can provide the original files. Have you tried contacting Cindy about obtaining a license?

posted by:   Nick     9-Jul-2016/20:57:24-7:00

Yes, I did a week ago. Still no answer.

posted by:   Peter     10-Jul-2016/3:20:04-7:00

Any new news? I want to start with the FastCGI development :-(

posted by:   Peter     15-Jul-2016/13:48:21-7:00

If someone here can confirm the beta version which was released with a license, I think I have every release for the past 16 years or so...

posted by:   Nick     17-Jul-2016/20:11:56-7:00