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Cyrillic for to-do list

I need to add new tasks in Russian to my Rebol to-do list window. But it seems impossible.
Can I fix it?
The code for the programme is simple:
R E B O L [title: 'Personal Calendar/Scheduler']    
write/append %mycal ''
forever [
     if none = d: request-date [quit]
     view center-face layout [
         text bold form d
         a: area form select (l: load %mycal) d
         btn 'Save' [
             save %mycal head insert l reduce [d a/text]

posted by:   OlegAney       2-May-2016/2:32:32-7:00

I wonder whether it is all about encoding and decoding to and from UTF-8 strings?

posted by:   OlegAney       2-May-2016/2:38:11-7:00

R3-GUI could perhaps do it?

posted by:   Ebbot       2-May-2016/21:38:17-7:00

@ Ebbot
Thank you for the link. That could be a solution to the issue.
I've been browsing the link and other similar sites but can't find such thing as Rebol3 with GUI that runs on Linux machine. Does R3 with GUI for Linux exist?

posted by:   OlegAney       4-May-2016/12:53:38-7:00

"Recent improvements include enabling full Linux support for graphics and the clipboard"
I have not used it myself, so...

posted by:   Ebbot       4-May-2016/14:08:49-7:00

It works. UTF-8 characters look fine! Thank you.
I think a little adjustment to my code will run my 'todo list' programme.

posted by:   OlegAney       5-May-2016/1:47:37-7:00