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More Red Progress

A Red/View prototype for Mac, complete with Draw dialect, and the beginnings of a GTK3 backend have been released.

posted by:   Nick       5-Apr-2016/4:06:11-7:00

Where have you seen that release Nick? I don't see it. Not on the site, neither in the commits.

posted by:   iArnold       5-Apr-2016/16:03:06-7:00


posted by:   Nick       6-Apr-2016/5:27:56-7:00

That's qtxie's repo. I'm relying on Pekr's screen shot on Facebook to ensure this news is valid (I don't have a Mac to test it). https://www.facebook.com/groups/redlanguage/

posted by:   Nick       6-Apr-2016/5:30:22-7:00

It appears that the Facebook news may have been incorrect. I looked back through the gitter posts for StephaneVeneri's 3D viewer app https://github.com/StephaneVeneri/redscripts/blob/master/3d/3dviewer.red and it seems that the Mac screenshot posted by Pekr was made with Wine. Doc made a comment shortly after which appeared to confirm that a second screen shot was native OS/X, but I think now that the wink face emoji clarifies it was a joke.
qtxie has confirmed that 'view [button "ok"]' is working on GTK3 backend.
Watching qtxie's repo is likely the best way to keep up with these developments.

posted by:   Nick       6-Apr-2016/5:51:10-7:00

Knew all of this already ;-)
Yes QT is making good progress. Not released though, in his own repo. Kind of surprised me by statement of release.
Will watch it all very closely.
One point that wonders me is, the developers do want the community to contribute, but the development is done in a private repo.
I can understand you do that to create a proof of concept and later bring the basics to a proper branch.
The wish is the community to create some documentation and stuff but to do that you need to know what will be developed. So that has to be shared, it is not 1-on-1 the tasklist from Trello, and to read it from sourcecode is not a simple task.
I suggested more than once that some basic will be published in a branch with a description on how to do it and give the developers in our community a chance to add to that (Mac and GTK3 GUI). That is not an option as was explained as many times.

posted by:   iArnold       7-Apr-2016/7:02:15-7:00

Waiting to hear more, but it looks there might be some truth to all this after all: https://twitter.com/red_lang/status/718009767088631808/photo/1

posted by:   Nick       8-Apr-2016/21:55:06-7:00

Yes more Red development.
That brings me to another question.
How to get both new and old Rebolers back into the game?
I understand that lots of people have other business nowadays, but that does not explain all. The Rebol philosophy is as valid today as it was then. Visiting the forums can be done in half an hour a week. Not much for an extra hobby. ;-)

posted by:   iArnold       11-Apr-2016/15:34:34-7:00

I see my screenshot sowed doubt, I'm sorry.
Some explanations: when I published my 3D viewer's script, I made the screenshot with wine because I have a Mac and at that time no native support for OS X (very incompleted).
Four days later, Qtxie posted a message with a screenshot of the 3D viewer running in native, I can confirm to you that it works because I hurried to test it on my machine.
I like to think that it accelerated a little the development ;-)
You should also follow the code channel on gitter (https://gitter.im/red/red/code)

posted by:   StephaneVeneri       11-Apr-2016/19:23:37-7:00

Thank Stephane. Great work :)

posted by:   Nick       12-Apr-2016/11:55:07-7:00

Mac OSX branch by Qingtian has some 6 or 7 widgets already. Android branch has some impressive code.

posted by:   iArnold       19-Apr-2016/14:08:33-7:00