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REBOL/View Console Kills The App

Hello, I've just installed REBOL/View under Linux Mint 20.0 (64-bit MATE edition). When I click "Console", the app dies. How to fix this?
Myke Carter

posted by:   MykeC     11-Sep-2020/0:33:31-7:00

It has been awhile. From a weak memory, open a console in the Rebol/View directory. ./rebol was it? opens command line rebol. To get to the view desktop, type in desktop.
Meaning one goes from the console to the desktop but not from the desktop to the console. Hope thats more or less right!

posted by:   M. Rang     11-Sep-2020/7:08:47-7:00

Thanks! My approach is what made it tricky.
I decided to launch REBOL/View from a terminal to see what, if any, error messages appeared. That's when I discovered how the console appears in the terminal after the GUI closes.
Initially I was opening REBOL/View from a custom launcher in my Gnome panel. Because it appears to be a GUI app - not a console app - I selected "Type: Application" in the launcher properties dialog. By changing that option to "Type: Application in Terminal" a terminal now appears when the GUI closes.
Also, by unchecking "Open desktop on startup" in the User -> REBOL Preferences pane, the launcher opens the terminal directly... allowing me to type "desktop" whenever I want to see the GUI desktop area.
I have not seen any reference to this particular issue in any of the documentation I've seen and read so far. I'm hardly a newbie to customizing launchers on my Gnome desktop - but this strange behavior really threw me for quite some time.

posted by:   MykeC     13-Sep-2020/20:35:43-7:00



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