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Emscripten build for Ren/C

FYI [here](http://giuliolunati.altervista.org/r3.html)

posted by:   giuliolunati       13-Mar-2016/18:37:27-7:00

Very interesting Giulio! I works although altervista at first redirected me and wants me to download a file. Could you spare some time for writing a short demo, what one can expect from this please?

posted by:   iArnold       14-Mar-2016/2:41:41-7:00

sorry, was a markdown typo! [right link](http://giuliolunati.altervista.org/r3.html)

posted by:   giuliolunati       14-Mar-2016/3:22:33-7:00

Ok, no way write right markdown :-(
Copy and paste this: http://giuliolunati.altervista.org/r3.html

posted by:   giuliolunati       14-Mar-2016/3:25:36-7:00

This is great! If we could get Cyphre to dedicate some time to the WebGL renderer, we'd have a full Rebol web development stack :)

posted by:   Nick       16-Mar-2016/23:25:03-7:00

Zipped archive of all required files is only 460k :) Runs on all the servers I've tried so far, with my desktop and phone browsers. Really cool!!

posted by:   Nick       17-Mar-2016/0:04:08-7:00

1) better interface
2) http(s)
3) exec remote scripts
About size:
I've removed graphic codecs

posted by:   giuliolunati       17-Mar-2016/19:49:22-7:00

Very cool! Great job!

posted by:   Edoc       17-Mar-2016/21:15:26-7:00

Now Emscripten build can execute remote script -- add it in url: http://giuliolunati.altervista.org/r3.html?http://www.rebol.org/download-a-script.r?script-name=factorial.r

posted by:   giuliolunati       20-Mar-2016/19:34:47-7:00

Fantastic work! Is it possible to provide some method(s) for data storage - local storage and/or data sent to a server script?

posted by:   Nick       21-Mar-2016/0:34:58-7:00

Thanks! :-) I'll work on it...

posted by:   giuliolunati       21-Mar-2016/5:17:46-7:00

Thanks for the effort.
May I ask? What can be accomplished by this development, in a sort of practical sense? Just curious. Don't want to miss out.

posted by:   Danie       21-Mar-2016/5:46:57-7:00

Danie, my hope is that Cyphre will port Rebol's rendering engine to WebGL, along with View, Draw, and GUI dialects (+ sound, i/o, etc.). That would allow us to build full web apps (including graphics, GUI, etc.), which run on basically any operating system (mobile, etc.), and without installation, using nothing but Rebol code (no HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.). As bad as the web model is, it is the most ubiquitous platform, and this would allow Rebol developers to deploy apps to that important platform.

posted by:   Nick       21-Mar-2016/8:39:49-7:00

Thanks Nick. I really appreciate being able to talk to someone who is also excited about Rebol as I am. As always a prompt answer.
It feels like there is so much potential with it. Wish I could help with the low level stuff. No experience, just a endless desire to see all things coming into place. Maybe its time to put more effort into getting a grasp on it.
You seemed excited about Emscripten and the progress. Can you please explain why?

posted by:   Danie       21-Mar-2016/9:02:06-7:00

A full Rebol web stack would likely grow the community in a big way, which tends to lead to more tools and support. Whether or not that happens, I'd certainly like to be able to deploy Rebol apps to the browser.
Doc has a Javascript target planned for Red, so we'll get it ... some day.

posted by:   Nick       21-Mar-2016/22:56:54-7:00