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FTP server in rebol?

Any way to implement FTP functionality as a server in pure rebol code?

posted by:   Danie       18-Feb-2016/5:38:21-8:00

Do you mean replacing the ftp "demon" that runs on the server, with a REBOL program that does the same stuff?
AIX5:prod:/u01=>ps -ef | grep ftp
     prod 29094 34020 1 08:33:02 pts/10 0:00 grep ftp
     prod 34816 9546 0 Jan 09     - 0:00 ftpd
     prod 39800 9546 0 08:23:50     - 0:00 ftpd

posted by:   Steven White       18-Feb-2016/9:58:35-8:00

Steve, I want a tool like the Fileserver script, to allow someone to use a cheap hosting account for FTP purposes. Sort of what to build a messaging app and see how far I can push it. Seeing that red is soon going to have io capabilities.
Is it in any way possible?

posted by:   Danie       19-Feb-2016/1:28:04-8:00

you can call a command line FTP app and script it from REBOL, using 'call

posted by:   Nick       20-Feb-2016/16:10:08-8:00

Depending on your needs, the better solution is most likely to not to use FTP at all. If you're building a messaging app, FTP probably shouldn't be needed. Building an application on a server which you have control of, you can connect to Rebol directly over TCP, and directly send messages, files, etc., and create a file server for browsers, etc. Most of those things just require a few lines of code.

posted by:   Nick       22-Feb-2016/10:57:53-8:00