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Using server as localhost

Can I use a rebol script (server) as localhost and serve for instance pages to JSLinb also on the same device?
If so, then which server script (smallest) will be suitable?

posted by:   Danie     18-Feb-2016/2:03:43-8:00

Take a look at Carl's Tiny Webserver - http://www.rebol.net/cookbook/recipes/0057.html

posted by:   Peter Wood     18-Feb-2016/5:01:54-8:00

I'm using [shttpd](https://github.com/earl/rebol3/blob/master/scripts/shttpd.r) for Rebol3

posted by:   giuliolunati     18-Feb-2016/10:11:04-8:00

Does shhtpd handle incorporate cgi?    
I want to use JSLinb and serve local content via local server on Android and desktop.

posted by:   Danie     19-Feb-2016/1:08:49-8:00

No, shttpd doesn't handle cgi.

posted by:   giuliolunati     19-Feb-2016/8:33:58-8:00

Doc has said that one of the things which will happen with Red is that he will implement Cheyenne

posted by:   Nick     20-Feb-2016/16:05:27-8:00