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Want to build a 'federated wiki' collaboration tool with Rebol

Would it be difficult to build a 'Federated Wiki' using only Rebol.
The idea is to allow multi-users to re-use material submitted by others, make a selection, then pull it onto their own pages, with a complete audit trial.
Also, I want to enter/add bible verses with their cross referenced verses into the system. What will be my best option? Objects, or block format. The script must display the cross references about 10 levels deep. (One verse refer to another, and the previous one refer to more, and so on).
Lastly, which type of server will be most suitable to effectively handle the load?
Thank you in advance.

posted by:   Danie       3-Feb-2016/8:25:58-8:00

Rebol is nicely suited to that sort of project, but it won't be trivial to create.
I don't see a problem with storing cross references in a series, as opposed to objects.
I don't see any reason to use any third party server software. You have a lot more control if you build the server directly in Rebol.

posted by:   Nick       3-Feb-2016/9:13:38-8:00

BTW, my understanding is that if the invention of the Wiki was to include an 'Edit' button on every page, the invention of the Federated Wiki is to include a 'Fork' button on every page. So, you might be helped by this project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/makedocsitebuilder/ I created that to integrate my sitebuilder.cgi script with Carl's Makedoc script. That would provide many of the difficult Wiki features you'd need to get started.

posted by:   Nick       3-Feb-2016/9:25:31-8:00

PS - that makedocsitebuilder script, and the sitebuilder script, are made to run as CGI scripts in Apache (I also made a version to run in Cheyenne), but you don't need that overhead.
I actually use both sitebuilder.cgi and makedocsitebuilder.cgi in production (on many dozens of web sites and on internal projects). The neat benefit of the makedoc version is that it will run on absolutely any browser. No Javascript is needed anywhere. Because it runs in Apache (or Cheyenne if you want an all Rebol solution), you can host it on virtually any server, even cheap shared hosting accounts. It doesn't take any setup - just copy Rebol/Core to the server and set file permissions to 755.

posted by:   Nick       3-Feb-2016/9:35:38-8:00

There's a little case study about sitebuilder.cgi at http://business-programming.com/business_programming.html#section-20.14

posted by:   Nick       3-Feb-2016/9:39:38-8:00

I use a rudimentary Wiki (and Blog) engine with my own version of MakeDoc (no built-in style, so can easily use with the likes of Bootstrap, has a DOM) bound using QuarterMaster: https://github.com/rgchris/Red-Lang.org (prototype running here: http://red.reb4.me)

posted by:   Chris       3-Feb-2016/10:08:31-8:00