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redprogramming.com tutorials and articles

I've started to put together tutorials and articles about Red, at http://redprogramming.com . Be sure to take a look at the http://redprogramming.com/Getting%20Started.html and http://redprogramming.com/Short%20Red%20Code%20Examples.html sections. I should have the getting started tutorial completely done within the week :)

posted by:   Nick       21-Dec-2015/16:04:03-8:00

This really great you're doing this with Red like Rebol. Thanks for the work.

posted by:   Sam       9-Jan-2016/13:36-8:00

I hope it helps :)

posted by:   Nick       11-Jan-2016/12:13:20-8:00

I added more to the tutorial and examples today. Be sure to refresh the pages when visiting the site.

posted by:   Nick       14-Jan-2016/1:05:35-8:00