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I uploaded http://re-bol.com/examples.txt . That's about as concise a synopsis as I can come up with :) Perhaps useful for introducing others to some of REBOL's main features.

posted by:   Nick       22-Jun-2010/10:30:59-7:00

I updated examples.txt to include most of the important examples from http://re-bol.com .

posted by:   Nick       23-Jun-2010/7:32:31-7:00

I've done many updates to http://re-bol.com/examples.txt (about 80 pages total), including lots of short examples that aren't in my other tutorials. This is actually my favorite way to get people started with REBOL now :)

posted by:   Nick       1-Jul-2010/17:06:07-7:00

It looks great, thanks a lot.
Do you have any plan to make an index page with little explanations?

posted by:   Endo       2-Jul-2010/3:07:09-7:00

That's the tutorial at http://re-bol.com :)
I am adding more comments to the examples.txt file...

posted by:   Nick       2-Jul-2010/10:49:31-7:00