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Is there a rebol3 version of rebgui available?

posted by:   Arie     27-Nov-2015/14:00:12-8:00

Unfortunatelly - no. RebGUI is solely R2 based. R3 got R3 GUI, which, while improved in many areas, is just plainly - unfinished.
If you are serching for the GUI solution in regards to Rebol based languages, you should start looking into the Red alternative ...

posted by:   -pekr-     27-Nov-2015/15:22:07-8:00

Yes, I know about Red. Alas it is too premature to use yet ... But thanks anyway!

posted by:   Arie     28-Nov-2015/5:32:18-8:00

That will change very quickly in 2016

posted by:   Nick     28-Nov-2015/5:34:59-8:00

Can I encap R2 code containing Rebgui? Using Atronix version.

posted by:   Danie     11-Dec-2015/10:02:23-8:00

Not as it stands - If I remember correctly, it relies on some code compiled into Atronix's R3 interpreter (I'm not sure, haven't looked, but it may potentially be possible to port those mechanisms in the Atronix R3 interpreter to R2...).
If you just want to distribute an .exe, you can package the script and the interpreter together: http://business-programming.com/business_programming.html#section-13.3

posted by:   Nick     11-Dec-2015/11:11:28-8:00