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Use AIDE gui builder with rebol backend

I was wondering. Would it be possible to use rebol file functionality with a native gui (android), build with AIDE?
For example, use basic file access functionality coded into gui (Java), and allow it access to rebol scripts via common file read/write actions.
I know this may he a crude method. I don't want to use Java more than I should.
Also want to stay away from SL4A.

posted by:   Danie     17-Nov-2015/6:54:33-8:00

The best option will be to use Red on Android ;)
In the meantime, you could use the GUI features in Saphirion's Android build, but the skinning has not been done yet, so it looks like a desktop app by default.
If you want to build a GUI in Aide, you could potentially connect with the Rebol app and send data to it by TCP...

posted by:   Nick     20-Nov-2015/21:28:59-8:00