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Red nanomsg (vs 0MQ) anytime ?

I'm greatful for the 0MQ port on R2 R3 and Red which makes for a great potential way to get applications written in various Rebol versions to talk to one another and much more.
I just found out that Martin Sustrik, the original 0MQ developper, went on to fix numerous 0MQ issues with the nanomsg library
among other things fixed the threading model, performance, scaling subscription matching.
Hoping Dirkjan might read this and gives his thoughts about a Red nanomsg port !

posted by:   OneArb     17-Oct-2015/16:53:23-7:00

I really love DirkJan: http://dirkjan.nl/ Too bad for most people visiting this blog their Dutch is at least a little rusty!

posted by:   iArnold     18-Oct-2015/13:58:08-7:00