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Signs that something is moving official-wise

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems there will be some official Rebol action in the near future.
Lately (in the last couple of months perhaps), Carl's blog has been offline, and still it is at the time of this writing. Then, a few days ago, a bullet list appeared on rebol.com frontpage, promising to fix the offline stuff and also (I quote the two most interesting points):
- Rebol 2 is still available here. It is no longer supported, but we have a small maintenance fix planned and will make it available. Watch this page for announcements.
- More information on plans for Rebol will be made available.

posted by:   atomos       15-Oct-2015/19:02:48-7:00

I'm glad to see that Carl plans on maintaining rebol.com and rebol.net, but haven't seen any other indication that he'll be more involved.

posted by:   Nick       16-Oct-2015/9:21:08-7:00

I hope he has to spend less thought on his work at Roku, because he's got his stuff on the rails there by now, so he really can give a little more attention to Rebol now.
If he does not find the time to mess around with Rebol, a proper delegation of the legacy to the community would be really nice. So the 'official' channels are available to take the steering wheels over.
It is better to peddle your survival raft then to float helpless in the stream.

posted by:   iArnold       16-Oct-2015/15:03:13-7:00