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Trying to Use Sample Library Code

I'm wanting to utilize Gabriele Santilli's 'Simple Rich Text renderer' from this page: http://www.rebol.org/st-topic-details.r?tag=//ui&start-at=31&limit=30
but it doesn't seem to do anything when I double-click. Other Rebol scripts work fine. Can anybody let me know what I might need to do to get this sample up and running?
Thank you!

posted by:   c.k.lester     15-Sep-2015/16:00:47-7:00

It just needed to have some carriage returns removed, and "do example" added at the end:
You may also want to check out:

posted by:   Nick     16-Sep-2015/2:53:15-7:00

Thanks, Nick! That rich_text_markup source is something I've been really wanting to see.

posted by:   c.k.lester     16-Sep-2015/10:20:16-7:00

Nick, would it be possible, given this source, to make it possible for the user to edit it and to apply their own formatting? (I just mean as simple as a "bold" button, "italics" button, etc...) Is it possible to use Rebol to build a full-fledged word processor?

posted by:   c.k.lester     16-Sep-2015/16:13:40-7:00

Sure, it looks like you could insert the formatting codes in relation to caret positions and highlighted text.

posted by:   Nick     16-Sep-2015/21:10:31-7:00

To create a quick ghetto word processor, you could paginate the formatted text output, save those rendered styles to consecutive images, and print the images...

posted by:   Nick     16-Sep-2015/21:17:49-7:00

The idea, though, I think was to create an widget which rendered markup code, to be used more akin to HTML in a browser, than a WYSIWYG word processor.

posted by:   Nick     16-Sep-2015/21:23:45-7:00