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Xiangqi programmed using Red

I created a working program to play Xiangqi, sometimes also know as Chinese Chess. You can find the repository at https://github.com/iArnold/Xiangqi
Hope you enjoy this!

posted by:   iArnold       14-Aug-2015/1:37:58-7:00

this is very nice.If you have a qq,can you tell me your qq number?

posted by:   ttkk1024       30-Aug-2015/21:53:57-7:00

Cool tutorial Arnold - I wonder if that's the first game created with Red?

posted by:   Nick       5-Sep-2015/13:32:36-7:00

@tikk1024 Thank you. I had to google to find out what a qq number is for, so no I have no qq number.
@Nick thanks, coming from you that means a lot :-)
I think it is the first game made using Red, quite ambitious if I may say so myself. Good thing I had also done a chess and checkers game in Rebol (R2) before.

posted by:   iArnold       11-Sep-2015/7:10:58-7:00