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R3-View for Raspberry Pi

R3-View for Raspberry Pi can be downloaded at http://video.respectech.com:8080/a.com/r3-view .

posted by:   Bo     17-Aug-2015/20:43:53-7:00

This is great :)    
we need a web port next

posted by:   Nick     22-Aug-2015/2:02:55-7:00

If R3 versions for various computers are going to come from various places, created by people who have various needs, should there be links to them on the REBOL web site?    
Maybe there could be a link to R3 on the REBOL web site, and that link goes to a list of pages for the various platforms. These pages also are on the REBOL web site, and there is one page for each R3 version, plus a page for the R3 source on github. These pages do NOT contain R3 versions, they are just "portals" so to speak.    
Each of these pages on the REBOL web site, one page for each R3 version, contains a short bit of documentation about that version. That documentation would be information about the state of completeness or usefulness, the state of its documentation, and whatever information would be helpful for a person deciding whether or not to download and try that REBOL version.
And then, on each of those portal pages, there would be the link to the respective R3 version, that is, the above link to respectech, a link to Saphirion, a link to Atronix, a link to github.    
The REBOL Community Manager would approach each of those companies that has a REBOL version and make sure that arrangement was acceptable to them. The Manager would get information from those companies about their versions, digest that information, put it into a useful form, and then put it on those portal pages on the REBOL web site.    
I mention this because I think that if I were hearing about REBOL just now for the first time, I wouldn't know exactly what to do. R2 works and is documented by is not being maintained. R3 is in a bit of disarray.    
I do see that there is an R3 link on the REBOL web site; I had to check before I posted this so I don't sound like an idiot. However, the build dates are over a year old, the binaries have no GUI are "unofficial" whatever that means, the other builds are "experimental," and I don't see any mention REBOL versions from other places. The whole thing feels a bit to "hobby-ish" or something.
Maybe the R3 download page on the REBOL web site is an example of what I have in mind. This page is the "portal" page for official R3 versions. Then there could be portal pages for the versions from other companies. There could be an "umbrella" page that lists all those portals.    

posted by:   Steven White     25-Aug-2015/15:00:56-7:00