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make gui element fill space

Is it possible to make GUI elements fill the available space? For example:
btn002 btn003
In that UI above, I would like all the buttons to fill the available horizontal space. I don't want to have to manually assign size and/or positions! I can't find any provision for doing this in rebol. There's no way I would use a GUI that doesn't automagically maintain button spacing on the interface! I'll have to stick with Euphoria and wxWidgets if that's the case. Maybe R3/Red can do this? Thank you!

posted by:   c.k.lester       20-Aug-2015/16:28:43-7:00

R E B O L []
do %r3-gui.r3
view [
    hgroup [
        btn001: button "btn001"
        btn002: button "btn002"
        btn003: button "btn003"

posted by:   Linh       20-Aug-2015/23:29:54-7:00

Linh, is that going to be useful in R2? (I'm at home going to bed, so I'll try in the morning.) Is hgroup the key to getting this behavior?
Thank you!

posted by:   c.k.lester       21-Aug-2015/1:08-7:00

If REBOL 2, you may be trying to use rebgui

posted by:   Linh       21-Aug-2015/22:51:34-7:00