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Rebol & Red SO Chat Frozen

Does it indicate anything other than people are busy coding away?

posted by:   klausnrooster       18-Jul-2015/22:42:12-7:00

Apparently unfrozen. Panic for no reason.

posted by:   klausnrooster       18-Jul-2015/23:45:58-7:00

i believe the room was frozen due to inactivity. There is still Red chat on Gitter:
And an unfrozen room:
http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/82598/red-programming (which seems in danger of being frozen).
And of course, you can always chat about Red (or Rebol) at the continually active [Rebol and Red] room:

posted by:   Chris       19-Jul-2015/1:48:44-7:00