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Linux Fonts

The font size cannot be changed in my Linux distribution, and there is little or no choice of font. I realize fonts can be drawn - but can they be drawn in fields, text-lists etc.?
Fonts in Linux is a long story I am told. But, can Freetype, http://www.freetype.org be incorporated into Rebol in the same way the draw dialect was?

posted by:   TR       19-Mar-2015/18:43:14-7:00

Fonts work in my Linux distribution (Tahrpup 6.0), for fields and text, etc. same as they do in Windows. Just write say, field font-size 22 font-name "Ubuntu". But, first, be sure that the named font, "Ubuntu" in this case, is actually installed to the Linux Operating System using the Linux distribution's font manager.
The problem of not being able to resize fonts might be caused by the default font named in REBOL'S VID for say FIELD, is "Helvetica". If the Helvetica font is not installed to the Linux Operating System, then there will be font issues in REBOL.
The fixed-fonts from www.1001freefonts.com I installed to Tahrpup 6 worked with REBOL. Another font source might be http://www.unifont.org/fontguide
The Linux font problems might arise because Rebol Technologies might be assuming that Helevtica is included in all operating systems - which it is not. Maybe including a fonts specified in the VID styles with the REBOL View release might avoid the confusion. Or at least a note in the readme file.
There is a readme file with the release? Or a friendly get started on the right foot tutorial?

posted by:   Ralph       3-Jul-2015/23:27:45-7:00