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R3 Tutorial site in the works

I've been putting this off for quite a while because I have so many other projects in the works. However, I have an immediate need to teach about a half-dozen employees/interns the intricacies of Rebol3. Therefore, I've used JSID in its current state to start a tutorial site with 'Try It Yourself' example code evaluation.
Check it out and let me know what you think so far: http://video.respectech.com:8080/tutorial/r3/R3_Home.r3

posted by:   Bo     16-May-2015/5:12:27-7:00

Extra points if you can tell where I scraped some of the formatting and text for the tutorial's home page. :-)

posted by:   Bo     16-May-2015/5:13:44-7:00

I like this approach. However, do not forget to create a special paragraph on installation, given the confusion which R3 (Saphirion or Atronix) and which GUI to use!

posted by:   Arie     17-May-2015/10:57-7:00

Arie, thanks for the input. I think I'm going to start with basic concepts and leave more advanced topics like GUI for later. Not to mention that the only part of R3-GUI that I know anything about is the Draw dialect.

posted by:   Bo     17-May-2015/17:52:47-7:00

Hi Bo,
I visited the above link with Firefox 3.6.17 (a bit old, I know) and the page renders blank.
I checked the source and read your text from the code.

posted by:   Anton Rolls     18-May-2015/4:52:50-7:00

The new link is http://video.respectech.com:8080/tutorial/r3/index.r3
Anton, do you have any idea why Firefox 3.6.17 doesn't like the HTML? If so, I can change JSID so it will work with FF 3.6.17.

posted by:   Bo     18-May-2015/20:00:22-7:00

I've added an Introduction to the tutorial as well. Now, adding new lessons should happen more quickly.

posted by:   Bo     18-May-2015/21:09:37-7:00

Added chapters on words and intro to blocks.

posted by:   Bo     19-May-2015/2:40:19-7:00

You say "By learning Rebol 3, you will be one of the select few ninja programmers who can perform feats of amazing digital prowess, leaving all other programmers awed by your greatness."
In the interest of full disclosure shouldn't you tell the full story? Shouldn't you say something about how beautiful, hot women will fling themselves at you and, so, learning Rebol3 might disrupt your work schedule and any existing relationships?
Potential programmers should be fully warned what they might be getting in to before they take that first, potentially fatal step...

posted by:   stever     19-May-2015/16:40:34-7:00

stever: I must be doing something wrong, then. :-)
I've made some improvements to the tutorial. Check it out at http://video.respectech.com:8080/tutorial/r3/index.r3

posted by:   Bo     19-May-2015/17:32:07-7:00

Up to 8 chapters now. But there's still a LONG way to go! :-)

posted by:   Bo     22-May-2015/18:59:12-7:00

Do you use Saphirion or Atronix binaries?

posted by:   Arie     27-May-2015/15:24:58-7:00

Thanks. I like the way you've laid it out. Many Rebol tutorials mystify me a little. You've laid it so little odd changes are incrementally shown instead of all at one time. Very clever.

posted by:   Sam     1-Jun-2015/14:50:57-7:00

Arie, I'm using the Atronix binary right now because the tutorial is running on an ODROID, and theirs is already built for it.
Sam, thanks for the feedback!

posted by:   Bo     6-Jun-2015/7:49:44-7:00

When I run the alternative in nesting
myblock: [the fox jumped over the dogs]
myblock: next myblock
insert myblock [quick brown]
myblock: back tail myblock
insert myblock [lazy]
head myblock
in r3, I need to change the last line to
myblock: head myblock
to result correctly, but it works on your page.

posted by:   yoffset     9-Jun-2015/21:00:31-7:00


posted by:   yoffset     9-Jun-2015/21:52:09-7:00

Yoffset: What is displayed after you do the last line?

posted by:   Bo     10-Jun-2015/1:32:59-7:00

probe myblock
[lazy dogs]

posted by:   y offs et     10-Jun-2015/18:39:21-7:00

You should try
probe head myblock

posted by:   Bo     11-Jun-2015/0:25:40-7:00

So, just to be clear, you should mention somewhere the different results obtained by entering on the console, and using scripts.
For example, using scripts:
R E B O L []
is: "fox"
print is
parse is ["fox"]
R E B O L []
is: "fox"
print is
probe parse is ["fox"]

posted by:   y offs et     13-Jun-2015/10:57:50-7:00