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R2 VID offset

I am looking at the REBOL/View VID Developer's Guide, in the section called 'View Facets,' trying to figure out what they mean. Some of them seem to be the facets applied to styles, but some do not. So I am hacking through them one at a time, and for the first one, 'offset,' I am guessing that it means an offset from the top left corner of a screen to the start of a window. One does wonder how that differs from 'origin.' Anyway, the following test script produces an error, so I am wondering what this 'offset' is used for, if anyone can help.
Thank you.
R E B O L [
     Title: 'VID test harness'
;; Paste code below to test
view layout [
     size 600x480
     offset 50x50
     box 200x200 red

posted by:   Steven White       22-Apr-2015/16:36-7:00

This is probably a documentation error, and maybe OFFSET is a feature that was intended before AT.

posted by:   Henrik       23-Apr-2015/4:14:33-7:00