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R2 VID sensor

I see in the 'REBOL/View VID Developer's Guide' a reference to a style called 'sensor,' but I am not finding any documentation on it. Does anyone know how to use it?
Thank you.

posted by:   Steven White       15-Apr-2015/10:00:53-7:00

If you run the code from my response to your last post:
view layout [
     text-list data (extract svv/vid-styles 2) [
         a/text: select svv/vid-styles value
         show a focus a
     a: area 500x250
you'll see:
doc: [
    info: "transparent sensor area"
    pair: "size of sensor"
It's a transparent widget which you could use, for example, to respond to keystrokes:
R E B O L []
view layout [
     sensor 0x0 #"s" [alert "You pressed 's'"]

posted by:   Nick       15-Apr-2015/22:52:27-7:00