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Any core update?

On R2/View 2.7.7 some View/Pro features comes such SSL, ODBC, and encryption. And added some new functions. But no Core update right?
So we still can't use odbc on Core. Any plan to update core?

posted by:   Endo       22-Jun-2010/7:20:31-7:00

Sure you can, just support REBOL by buying the SDK which comes with core/command. $149, which is a lot cheaper than what I paid a few years back.

posted by:   Graham       22-Jun-2010/16:01:28-7:00

there is no encapsulators in core/command. I'm pushing my boss to buy a command/sdk for my company's new project. I really want to use Rebol in my company's projects.
Why there is no donation on rebol web site. I bought Purebasic license for 59 $ at 98 but I'm donating 20-30 $ every year just because I like it and I use it..

posted by:   Endo       22-Jun-2010/16:57:04-7:00

RT has previously been run as a pure commercial entity. Now that it is being run considerable volunteer assistance, it makes sense to add such a button. I'll mention it to Carl.
I don't understand the no encapsulators remark.
The command/sdk comes with core/command. If you want to encapsulate a binary include core/command you can do that.

posted by:   Graham       23-Jun-2010/5:06:21-7:00

I want to use Rebol for personal and for business in my company. Usually we don't want to give our sources to customer. So we'll need a encapsulator to make an executable file. And also I usually need View instead of Core/Command. But I just checked the web site and it says View is included in Command/Pro license. Hmm so that is good.
Anyway, I would want to donate some $ even I have a license.

posted by:   Endo       23-Jun-2010/9:04:02-7:00