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JSID Updated

Ran into some issues with implementing w2form as it takes a LOT of JS to get the form to work properly. It works, but user-defined JS is necessary to get it to post. Decided to put that on hold for now and added standard HTML form functionality with GET and POST, and added some more HTML tags (like <label> and others) plus some more tag attributes (like 'class', 'maxlength', etc.). Inline CSS is also fully supported now, although CSS syntax must be used. Example:
jsid [
     div style 'background-color:#ff8080' [
         label 'A Label'

posted by:   Bo       25-Mar-2015/17:06:30-7:00

BTW, the single quotes in the example should be double quotes, but were changed by the forum to single quotes.

posted by:   Bo       25-Mar-2015/17:07:27-7:00

Added the ability to display output of different R3 scripts inside of <div> tags asynchronously and on-demand or at user-defined timed intervals. I hope to have an updated example online in the next week or so.

posted by:   Bo       26-Mar-2015/15:27:41-7:00

I am waiting to really dig in to this thing - can't wait to get the word that it's beta'ish.

posted by:   Nick       27-Mar-2015/0:07:35-7:00

I suggest a better demo.
I've to admit I have an idea of what JSID is doing but it's not 100% clear. Same remark apply for RenCPP.
Or maybe instead a demo, a few lines to present the purpose and capabilities of the script.
But I know we focus on the code first!

posted by:   GregP       27-Mar-2015/6:30:21-7:00