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No response from RT on Command SDK purchase???

Hello folks.
I purchased a License from RT last week for the 2.0 Command SDK however, almost 4 days or so and I have received absolutely no license or response via the contact us links on RT or Carls websites. What's the deal??? I mean are they not selling Licenses or what??? Do I need to just file a complaint with paypal for RT failure to deliver the product??? I'm kinda lost as to why RT has gone dark.

posted by:   mrpastewart       22-Sep-2014/13:50:29-7:00

Hello mrpastewart,
Carl works at Roku now...and may not even know there is a page still up selling Rebol 2 SDK after the open sourcing of Rebol 3!    
In fact, I notice this link here is not even being hosted at rebol.com; it may be off his radar completely if that's what you used:
I'd also not be surprised if he doesn't check on his PayPal account, lost the password, or similar. :-)
I'll forward this on to him as something he needs to attend to. There certainly needs to be a decision as to if he's still selling/supporting the product...or considers it discontinued and should just refund the money and direct you to the current open source efforts.
I'd allow a week's time before filing a complaint to PayPal. In the meantime you might come check out StackOverflow chat to tell people what you're working on, and discuss things that have been happening in the years since:

posted by:   Hostile Fork       22-Sep-2014/14:53:45-7:00

Thanks for the info Hostile Fork Appreciate that and yes if you have access to him please forward this to him.
Also, I am sure others have said this before but I feel inclined only I want to do it this way and since your forwarding forward this as well.
An Open Letter to Carl.
Good day Carl;
I have only recently discovered REBOL and love it in every aspect. I am, however well aware of your past innovations and the contributions you have made to computer technology. I would like to take a moment to make a plea to you.
Sir, releasing R3 into the community was most likely a hard decision for you but an admiral one indeed. I have read many different topics and opinions on the state and fate of the Rebol project both open source R3, version 2 and RT in general. Regardless to any of that Let's talk about a few things.
Now, not being to critical and having a new understanding that you have taken employment with Roku, in regards to my purchase of Rebol Version 2 Command SDK last week and not receiving any response to that purchase in the form of product delivery, I believe it is no disillusion that you may not be behind the open source project or RT in general as much as you may want to be if even you still have that desire.
As I look around the Rebol Community it is painfully obvious that it is a fragmented one and on the surface it would seem as though there is no leadership and that the community put that trust in your hands and was somewhat dependent on you for such. Now that your time is being spent elsewhere which is understandable the community has no clear focus. I would like to see that change and so would many of the current members as I have read in many places. However Sir, in order for that to happen I believe we need to know exactly where you stand so there is no guessing game or rumors flying around. We need your blessing to move forward to make this a viable community project. Here is my suggestions Sir understand I come to you to make a plea on behalf of the Rebol Community. It has potential no matter what has happened during it's lifetime.
Proposed Workflow
1. There are some members of the community that have a good handle on the source and can contribute and pickup where things are but we must get organized before we lose their attention. In this I propose you address the community and let us know where you stand as the author of this great project and if you have no time for this we understand but we need your blessings and the knowledge that your not a active participant amongst other things to make this happen. Seems as though the community is patiently waiting for you to return, that is actually hurting this movement more then anything.
2. We need to whip Rebol's home up to shape by getting organized and I propose to finance out my own pocket the tools we need to do so including,
A. The formation of a proper entity structured as a non-profit called The YouEnvision Foundation which can be the steward of the source and provide a platform for those who wish to be apart to help make decisions and keep the codebase adaptive to today's trends and technological advances, The Rebol Project will be one of several projects shepherded by the YouEnvision Foundation which is why I don't propose using Rebol in the name. Think of it like the Apache Software Foundation because that is actually the same modal that it shall follow. Why? Because there are several of open source projects out here that have potential but have been abandoned because the founders just didn't have the knowledge, resources, marketing skills or desire to drive the effort home. I intend to try and revive some of these efforts starting with Rebol if you will let me rally the community.
B. Not knowing all the internals of the community and who the major players are other then yourself and a few very vocal supportors , some of what i will suggest may indeed already be. Next up would be the Rebol domains I suggest maybe you can release the rebel domains to the community if your in control of them so we can use those domains and also assume financial responsibility for them.
C. Come up with a new web strategy including new sites, project management tools, private SCM, Private Wiki's to allow core developers a internal intranet platform to work from. Project sources will be synced to public ones at github, sourceforge, bitbucket etc for community non-core developers access. But core developers typically will need more tools to collaborate more effective then any of the SCM companies provide like Agile workflows, Kanban Boards, Scrum, Confluence, Build Farms a rich social coding experiance etc., and notwithstanding other tools to maintain a project of this scope.
D. let the main players decide how they are going to get things done (GTD) using the tools provide to them by the foundation to which they are apart of helping to guide the process using a democratic process.
E. Now I'm sure this is going to be a hard sell but, Sir please release the source for Rebol Version 2 and all it's SDK's and specifications like the /IOS, /View, /Core /Command, /SDK documents and Rebcode in short give us something to work with please. By doing this the community can keep Rebol alive and valuable for years to come, we can also insure that past purchasers of everything you did prior to R3 can keep their system running and those who actually purchased a license from you that promised them access to the source should you decide to do something else or RT goes dark will be able to collect on that license from the community. One of the main reasons I ask for this is because you have given us a platform however it is a rewrite from the ground up and is not stable like version 2 is and therefore cannot provide the same benefits to those who actually depend on using Rebol. By Open Sourcing version 2 and all it's components we can begin our work from a stable platform while working on bringing R3 to a stable release while back porting any new features that can fit in the version 2 tree without introducing a break in backwards compatibility for those using it in production environments. Access to the source also provides the core team with a blueprint to getting R3 stable as there is no better documentation then the last stable codebase that already achieved production strength not to mention some of the features have not made it to R3 in any stable capacity. Sir, if indeed you have moved on this would be the right thing to do for the continued presence of Rebol, please don't just let this die and be forgotten release the source so we can launch a full blown open source initiative for the Rebol Project.
Bottom line sir is I will do what i can to rally members of the community and help them to help themselves by making available my expertise in business to guide them to being able to do what they want to do. I have been in business for over 25 years and believe that I can offer the knowledge and tools that the community needs to succeed if they want it. They will still need to step up and also find a leader within them my intention is to consult them to be leaders through mentorship.
There are plenty of other things we would need to do as a community but I think you get my point. Now, hopefully Hostile Fork can get you to send me my license for version 2 command sdk and also maybe, just maybe you can see what good my plea can actually do if you embrace it. Let us revive this effort, let us maintain the source for both trees R2 and R3, let us embrace the new efforts such as Red and try and unite all Rebol like technologies rather then be a splintered effort. Please Sir don't just let this die off we understand and respect your decisions to live life please repeat our love for Rebol and allow us to keep your legend and work alive.
Thanks please contact me if this interest you at all I pray it does because this is a great project and deserves to be set free rather then being slowly choked into nonexistence for whatever the reason. no offense intended. I have already begun to take some of the steps needed to help the community get it done the youenvision domains have been acquired, i will be deploying a openstack cloud on an Unbuntu, VMWare ESX and ZEN stack ontop of Apple hardware so we can legally pinup Mac OSX virtual machines in the build farm. Apple hardware can run all OS's however all other hardware can't legally run OSX. I will give the community 100% access to this cloud for development and testing purposes also, the domains and all the sites may be hosted here on dedicated VM's so they don't have to worry about any of that.
I got the time, money and desire to help make this a reality what do you say Carl can we make this happen?
Patrick Stewart
mrpastewart a.t. youenvision dot org
So there you go hostile fork please if you have access to carl send him this too.

posted by:   mrpastewart       22-Sep-2014/22:36:27-7:00

I sent Carl this URL, so he should read your post as well. I gave my email the title: "IMPORTANT: someone bought Rebol/SDK on PayPal and didn't hear back"...so it should hopefully stand out from my other periodic mails bugging him for stuff I think is important. :-)
But I'm sure it's just a matter of Carl not checking his email. It's not like he has run off with your money and gambled it away.
...OR HAS HE?!!

posted by:   Hostile Fork       23-Sep-2014/14:43:38-7:00

I sent the link of this conversation to his wife, Cindy, who I believe has handled the SDK licensing in the past. I know she checks her email.

posted by:   Bo       23-Sep-2014/19:39:31-7:00

I bought the SDK for Windows and Linux in past years. Cindy always handled the transactions as well as non-technical questions.

posted by:   David den Haring       2-Oct-2014/12:19:20-7:00

FYI: Patrick mentioned this issue has been resolved and Cindy did get back to him.

posted by:   Hostile Fork       3-Oct-2014/13:44:13-7:00

Hi Hostile Fork,
I'm in the same boat as Patrick. Purchased a Linux Command Licence on October 2nd. No news and nowhere to go. If you get Cindy's attention would appreciate enormously.

posted by:   Louis       9-Oct-2014/19:03:50-7:00

Message from Cindy:
"Strange, I did ship that one. Will look into it this weekend."

posted by:   Bo       10-Oct-2014/16:34:50-7:00

Thanks a million. I can be reached here: "is" and the domain is "acprail" and then it's a dot com

posted by:   Louis       11-Oct-2014/0:39:46-7:00

I like to buy the rebol/sdk but can't find where to go. Like said before, the website linked to from rebol.com (https://secure28.inmotionhosting.com/~rebolc5/cgi-bin/order.cgi?cmd=buy&prod=sdk-cmd) does not respond at all.

posted by:   Johan       11-Mar-2015/3:39:26-7:00

Johan, send your request to
reverse {moc.hcetcepser (ta) ydnic}
She'll get you fixed up.

posted by:   Bo       11-Mar-2015/10:04:26-7:00

Thanks a lot. She answered right away.

posted by:   Johan       12-Mar-2015/2:28:46-7:00