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R2 or R3

Hi All,I have just learnt the basics of Rebol in last 15 days and I am happy that Rebol is the easiest to learn and understand,I have already made a sample apps in R2 and deployed it successfully on other desktops.Now I want to know shall just keep making my apps in R2 or in R3.If in R3 can anyone pls post the link of a tutorial same as of R2 given by Nick.And also plz can anyone upload the book of Nick in pdf here,cause the http://musiclessonz.com/rebol.pdf has the book,but the pdf is not able to be viewed properly pls upload a pdf which will be able to view.

posted by:   Sagar       19-Sep-2014/23:01:41-7:00

NickA also has a book for Rebol3 at http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html
Personally, although I've been programming in Rebol since 1998, I'm switching all my efforts to Rebol3 and Red, although I'm much more comfortable using Rebol2.

posted by:   Bo       23-Sep-2014/19:50:27-7:00

Hey Sagar,
I don't know if you're able to easily "Print Webpage to PDF" so here is a printout of the webpage as a PDF:
Cool that you're finding Rebol to be easy and enjoyable. You might be interested that Atronix Engineering made the switch from Visual Basic 6 to Rebol (with Delphi in the middle for a while...)
I never worked with the GUI, so Rebol2 is not useful to me. (I don't use closed-source languages, either.) People who have tried to do Rebol3 GUI code seem to hit roadblocks. If that is what you are looking for, and you are just learning, then Rebol2 might be what you want to use until the situation changes.
Don't be afraid to ask more questions on StackOverflow if you have them; being downvoted isn't the end of the world. Tag them "rebol" and we will notice them. One good way to make sure that your question will be received well is to include code that is not working or you don't understand. Then explain what you wanted it to do, and what it actually does. If you want to ask something more like a "discussion" then that belongs here (or in chat).

posted by:   Hostile Fork       25-Sep-2014/4:37:35-7:00

Hi, Sagar,
The most difficult issue for me is the difference of external library interfaces of R2 and R3. I understand that R2's one is pretty rough and doesn't simply allow some techniques such as callbacks, but I want a straightforward interface to DLLs. The good example is LuaJIT and Newlisp FFI (the latter is using libffi). From the other side I don't want Rebol to become overbloated just to support sophisticated FFI.
That's why I hope for a greater Red's success.
I can recommend Rebol2 as a solid stable language and Rebol3 if your applications is not so mission-critical. Excuse me, if I'm wrong.

posted by:   is       4-Feb-2015/5:29:56-8:00

Are you aware that R3 from Atronix supports FFI?

posted by:   GregP       4-Feb-2015/9:50:14-8:00

I'm slightly new to the active Rebol development, so I was not yet aware of Atronix R3.
Thank you for pointing at it!

posted by:   is       4-Feb-2015/11:16:21-8:00

But anyways, is Atronix R3 FFI documented somewhere?

posted by:   is       4-Feb-2015/11:24:06-8:00

You can always start with a few examples:

posted by:   GregP       5-Feb-2015/3:13:46-8:00