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Trello Interface

For those who use Trello and Rebol, I've made a basic (but pretty complete) interface to the Trello API.
Find it at: http://codeconscious.com/rebol/articles/basic-trello-interface.html
It's not heavily tested, but seems to work (Rebol 2).

posted by:   Brett       7-Jan-2015/1:18:24-8:00

Cool, thanks Brett

posted by:   Nick       8-Jan-2015/8:28:01-8:00

I will definitely check this out. I use Trello a lot at work, and I didn't even realize that there was an API. Thanks Brett.

posted by:   Edoc       9-Jan-2015/13:33:39-8:00

I'm glad someone will find it useful.
I've now updated my Trello interface to run on Rebol 3.
But Rebol 3 has a couple of bugs (url!, https) that may frustrate your use of the interface. If you're using the interface ad-hoc, then I recommend using Rebol 2 with it at this time.
I haven't built any scripts with it yet, so I don't know if it will need to be more sophisticated but nevertheless it's handy to deal with cards in a foreach loop!

posted by:   Brett       16-Jan-2015/23:19:50-8:00