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Android R3 and Jota(+)

Thanks for all the great work on everything! As with AutoIT3 on Windows, I'm hoping R3 will work for me.
On my Samsung "phablet" (Note 3) I got Jota, but the application launch was greyed out.
Thinking maybe I needed the PRO version I installed it.
Still no go.
When copying an example via clipboard from web samples,
1. they come in as one line
2. After fixing line ends and saving, the file name is now test.r3.txt!
3. Even if associated app weren't greyed out, it wouldn't find the right extension anyway.
What might I be doing wrong?
Ward C, inventor of Xmodem & BBSs

posted by:   Ward C       30-Dec-2014/16:05:07-8:00

Hello there Ward, I remember XModem! And YModem, and ZModem, and BiModem, and...
I may have uploaded my first open source code using XModem, actually. :)
Nice to have a famous user come with questions, but not one I can answer in this case. I barely touch my phone! But important to know (if you don't already) is that an ARM build of Rebol for linux--as you might use on a Raspberry Pi or somesuch--won't run on Android. You need one that's linked against "Bionic", so the CLI build here:
And there can be some hoops to jump through on unrooted devices to be able to get something to be executable on the filesystem and run it. I did get it working, once:
That might be a good place to start, without worrying about the Jjot issues for starters.
Maybe someone else is paying attention and can chime in...

posted by:   Fork       30-Dec-2014/19:59:54-8:00

Hi Ward,
I don't have the problem with file extensions in Jota . I am not using Jota+ though, and I don't think that I've updated in awhile. Perhaps they've changed something recently, so that the .txt extension gets added. What version are you using?

posted by:   Nick       30-Dec-2014/22:52:16-8:00

Strange. So you're saving it as "test.r3" but it gets saved as "test.r3.txt"? This hasn't happened to me before.
Maybe that's because, like Nick, I'm using Jota Text Editor by Aquamarine Networks.
I've installed it recently on a different device, and it still works just as well, so no I don't think they've changed anything recently.
I've never needed Jota+ or the PRO version.
In the Jota menu, go to:
Preferences->Toolbar Settings->+
and add “Open by Application”. This will give you an “Open App” button which can be used to launch Rebol (if the file has an .r3 extension).
If you have a ctrl key, you can also benefit from adding "Open by Application" in:
Preferences->Customize shortcuts

posted by:   WiseGenius       30-Dec-2014/23:17:57-8:00