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RebSM variant written for Red

I have been looking a bit into making RebSM suitable for Red. Possibly a Red/System implementation? There are some points of attention for that:
Objects -> are almost done for Red.
to type! -> not a lot available, perhaps only minimal available types for now
file (I/O) -> for my current app not a problem, could be added later.
What are the chances of a succesfull port? Anyone already did something alike or triggered by this idea?
Because I am not fond of the name RebSM, I also dislike calling this project RedSM, so I came up with the projectname RedSTORM.

posted by:   Arnold       13-Nov-2014/14:39:34-8:00

You mean building rebol 3 on top of Red and integrate them?

posted by:   Rex       13-Nov-2014/19:41:56-8:00

No just a port to Red or Red/System. That is also the reason for the limitations of RedSTORM, because of the current implementation of Red not being complete enough to support all features of RebSM.

posted by:   Arnold       14-Nov-2014/1:30:43-8:00

okay. But it seems that Red will also have a dialect which has similar functions as Rebol. After all, it is intended to be a full-stack language.

posted by:   Rex       14-Nov-2014/6:44:56-8:00