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Problems report: Atronix's R3-dev

The Read Function in Atronix's R3-dev Windows version seems to be quite odd: it works well on its own but doesn't support /refinements. Whenever I try read/string or read/lines, my Windows 7 breaks down. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

posted by:   Rex       9-Nov-2014/7:58:05-8:00

Besides, it doesn't support UTF8 quite well.

posted by:   Rex       9-Nov-2014/8:05:15-8:00

Wait a minute... I am utterly confused. It seems that:
Read/string %textfile doesn't work in R3-dev for Windows.
Load %textfile cannot understand UTF8.
But if you try
     to-string read %textfile
it works.

posted by:   Rex       9-Nov-2014/8:13:52-8:00

I see that as well.
Using Atronix "development" Windows (32-bit) R3:
>> system/version
>> system/build
== 22-Oct-2014/15:07:38
>> read %umlauts.txt
== #{C3A4C3B6C3BC}
>> read/string %umlauts.txt
== (R3 crashes here)
Atronixs issue tracker is at https://github.com/zsx/r3/issues. It's best if you report the bug there.

posted by:   Anon       10-Nov-2014/18:41:17-8:00

Tried several times, but I somehow failed to get access to Github, could anyone help to report this bug?
Besides, I also find that the R3-Dev for Windows have problems in `function/`func. If a new function is created with 'function, it would not function :-p
but if you create it with func, it works.

posted by:   Rex       13-Nov-2014/19:46:03-8:00