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R3 Exe encapper

How to use the exe encapper by Atronix? Can it make EXEs with GUI? Besides, it seems that R3 interpreter will not work if it is compressed into an .rar and decompressed.

posted by:   Rex       6-Nov-2014/1:38:19-8:00

Some infos there:

posted by:   GregP       6-Nov-2014/5:55:30-8:00

Thanks, GregP. It works. But I am wondering how to make .exe with GUI. Because that would at least encap two scripts: the GUI script of Atronix and your own scripts. The only way I can imagine is to combine the two scripts into one, and encap it with the rebol interpreter. Is there any better way?    
Besides, is it possible to run the encap.r inside the rebol interpreter, instead of calling the Windows shell?

posted by:   Rex       7-Nov-2014/4:08:20-8:00

Valid points.
The way it was working with SDK R2 was to pack all Rebol scripts into one single Rebol script and then pack into an .exe.
I don't know if there is a "better" way for now, it's already great to have this encapper!

posted by:   GregP       7-Nov-2014/4:46:44-8:00

Yes, Indeed. By the way, is it possible to run the encapper within the Rebol interpreter? Judging from the Shell command line, it should be possible.

posted by:   Rex       7-Nov-2014/8:41:31-8:00