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Rebol.org and other sites

In the large discussion on Open letter to Carl, JohnK posted the list of Rebol related sites that you can find here https://trello.com/c/rLf3lcei/59-get-list-of-dns-properties-in-the-rebol-community
In my recollection there are some of our community that have some kind of access to the Rebol.org site. Is it not time to go and have some changes made visible? Step forward here if you have some access or for other ideas on this and other sites.

posted by:   Arnold       20-Oct-2014/15:09:06-7:00

I've made efforts to repatriate content from the existing rebol.org (including measures to handle existing links). However, due to schedule mismatches, there's not been an opportunity to migrate live data to a new location: I have more time coming up (I think) in which I intend to make this happen.
If anyone would like to help, I set up the following repository initially as proof of concept, but increasingly will bear the load of managing content:
Script Library: https://github.com/revault/library.rebol.net
This code is exhibited here: http://scripts.rebol.info
I've made similar attempts to recreate the AltME archive although at this time, the code is in a private repository. The initial attempt is live here: http://rebol.info/altme
There's a Trello board dedicated to all this: https://trello.com/b/VLt30mbv/rebol-websites

posted by:   Chris       20-Oct-2014/20:38:38-7:00