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Is there a place to make complaints about R3?

I am wondering if there is a place where all problems and bugs of R3 are summarized, and fixes suggested. I think people here generally agree that the lack of documentation is a great headache. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether an error is triggered by the mistakes of the programmer, or the bugs in Rebol's interpreter (or the programmer's misunderstanding of the Rebol's interpreter). So it might be better if the bugs discovered by the community are all summarized in one place. It will be a great help to warn us of the possible flaws in programming, and also be a good starting point for efforts in improving the current interpreter.

posted by:   Rex       4-Oct-2014/8:09:45-7:00

For a newbie like me, it is impossible to improve the R3 interpreter by myself. But what I can do is to put a sign of warning wherever I encounter a mismatch between what the document says and what the interpreter actually does.

posted by:   Rex       4-Oct-2014/8:15:31-7:00

Yes, there is: http://curecode.org/rebol3/view-tickets.rsp

posted by:   mark       4-Oct-2014/11:28:20-7:00

Visit the StackOverflow chat room, get a tiny bit of reputation to chat, and you will find no shortage of sympathy.
Some people have the existing tickets memorized. Stating your problem will direct you to the history of almost any given complaint.

posted by:   Hostile Fork       4-Oct-2014/11:40:03-7:00

Okay. Then I know where to look when I find a problem. But it seems that lots of problems in curecode remain unsolved? And there is relatively few complaints concerning the R3 GUI. In my daily programming practice, however, I find that there seems to be more bugs in the current version of GUI dialect than the core.

posted by:   Rex       6-Oct-2014/7:25:08-7:00

The GUI dialect is a work in progress, but is slowed right now, due to other priorities. There are not enough resources to work on it, unfortunately.

posted by:   Henrik       8-Oct-2014/9:06:31-7:00

Henrik, I didn't mean to hurry up the development process. I fully understand that the road to an ideal Rebol interpreter is thorny, full of problems both technical and non-technical. It's just that I do hope that there will be a summary of the problems-to-be-solved, so that we know what's going on when we encounter them.

posted by:   Rex       8-Oct-2014/21:58:24-7:00

REBOL mainline provides REBOL Core only and I think Curecode focuses on mainline issues.
Now, it doesn't mean R3GUI should be left without support and probably the best is to describe your issues either here, SO, AltME in order to get answers and fixes.

posted by:   GregP       9-Oct-2014/3:37:06-7:00