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Need Help to make android apps using Rebol 3 Saphir and make apk.

Hi I am Sagar I have just read the cross platform tutorials of Nick.I wrote a .bas file and run it from R3 the code worked on pc,but when i made a .apk of the same using RFO-Basic Quick Apk, the .apk was created but when i installed the same on mobile,it didnt run and had a error.Please help me to pack my .bas file with the suporting files needed for making a working .apk app.Please hellppp meeee.

posted by:   Sagar       12-Sep-2014/10:12-7:00

RFO Basic and Rebol are not related tools. Using a tool to package RFO Basic scripts does not include the required R3 interpreter.

posted by:   Nick       13-Sep-2014/8:48:08-7:00

Can u pls help me to package some sample code as u mentioned on the link http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html by you.I have written the .bas as said by u for a code which is as follows with the r3gui.Please can u help me to run the same and help me in paking it in a .apk and a running it without errors on a mobile device.Please help me.My sample code is as follows which i am trying to make a app and run on android device.
R E B O L [title: "CSV File Example #2 - Contacts"]
do %r3-gui.r3
view [
     text "Name:"
     f1: field
     text "Phone:"
     f2: field
     text "Address:"
     f3: field
     button "Save to Contacts" on-action [
         write/append %cntcts.txt rejoin [
             mold get-face f1 ", " mold get-face f2 ", " mold get-face f3
         Alert "Saved"
     a1: area
     button "Load" on-action [set-face a1 to-string read %cntcts.txt]

posted by:   Sagar       13-Sep-2014/9:48:14-7:00

Please help me nick I am really looking forward with making android apps using rebol and running them succesfully.Please help me nick please.Rebol is the best for developing any type of app.

posted by:   Sagar       13-Sep-2014/9:51:04-7:00

There are 2 ways to make a R3 appli for Android devices:
- the first: to download and to install http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/builds/android/r3-droid.apk on the device
then to download the R3 script (sample script) on the device
then to click/open the R3 script using the previous app R3-droid.
- the second: to convert the R3 script+R3-droid into a single apk... but I have no info to do this, and I am looking for... (a apk demo made by saphirion is http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/builds/android/demo-encap.apk)

posted by:   JeanLouis       13-Sep-2014/16:17:13-7:00

@Jean Louis
I am using the method of making a script on pc and running it on pc.The above mentioned Script works fine on pc but when I build the apk using the rfo-basic apk builder,the apk is generated and the app is installed on device too, but when I open the app there is a error,the app doesnt run.I want to make a R3 script on pc using the R3 and r3gui and make a standalone apk with the R3 interpreter in the same apk and the app should run successfully on the android device. Please help me.

posted by:   Sagar       14-Sep-2014/0:55:07-7:00

There are 2 ways or 2 methods to execute a R3 script for Android devices.
Your method looks like the 2nd way I describe, but
as Nick said, it is wrong because rfo-basic apk builder does not include R3-droid... it is not a tool for R3,
and unfornutely I have no info/no tool to do the 2nd way (I think it exists).
There is always the 1rst way, it works, but it requires to download/install R3-droid apk and then to download the R3 script.

posted by:   JeanLouis       14-Sep-2014/13:22:18-7:00

I dont know much about the first method,but when read about it,I think it doesnt make our app an Independent app,coz it always will require a other app to run it on android,So I am not thinking to build a apk by the 1st method.The Second method will make a apk independent and the app will run without any support app.

posted by:   Sagar       14-Sep-2014/23:41:02-7:00

Saphirion has an APK maker for R3 which they haven't released publicly. You may be able to reach Robert or Cypher about it, on AltME. The rfobasic tools will not work with R3.

posted by:   Nick       16-Sep-2014/12:34:42-7:00

I hope they' ll release it to the public FREELY some day, UNLESS they want to speculate on it, and require a few bucks. :)

posted by:   Jma       16-Sep-2014/13:02:43-7:00

I am also hoping they release it as early as possible.Can anyone help me in using altme and joining the worlds there.I am really not getting how to connect a world created by other user and chat with other users.Please help me with and also mention a world which is live now for rebol and has got daily chat going on it.

posted by:   Sagar       17-Sep-2014/23:24:11-7:00

Saphirion has an APK maker for R3; you can contact Robert, there is a contact email at:

posted by:   JeanLouis       22-Sep-2014/6:50:38-7:00