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R3 GUI: Is there a way to change the characters' font and color?

I've tried to build some customized styles, with bigger characters. But I find nowhere to change the font size...

posted by:   Rex     26-Jul-2014/10:24:43-7:00


posted by:   Graham     26-Jul-2014/21:52:25-7:00

Thanks, Graham. but I think the example is a bit difficult for a newbie like me. I find an alternative way while trying: all the relative parameters of Font can be set at guie/fonts/ . For example, if you want to set the font for buttons,
you may:
R E B O L []
guie/fonts/button/font/name: "Gigi"
view [button "Rex!"]

posted by:   REX     28-Jul-2014/7:54:30-7:00

Is it possible to set the input area by this method? eg, view [field]

posted by:   Johnny     8-Aug-2014/11:19:46-7:00

I think what you need is 'set-face. This function can set the text of the area.

posted by:   Rex     15-Aug-2014/8:56:14-7:00