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What are the available values for view/options?

The windows created by the view function can be modified in various ways with view/option. But I am wondering where I can find a full list of possible options and their possible values. The help document only says that the options should be offered as a block. I am wondering if anyone else has met the same problem as I do.

posted by:   Rex       7-Aug-2014/10:43:34-7:00

Never missing a chance to whine, I can say that I have found similar situations related to other parts of View. There will be some comment about how there are all these option, "for example,..." with some examples, but nowhere is there a complete list. I myself would be happy to compile a complete list, but I don't know how to discover those options.    
I wonder which would have been a better path for Carl to have taken, 1) rewriting REBOL as version 3 to produce the absolute ultimate perfect programming language that completes his vision, but never finishing it, or 2) quitting all new development on version 2 and spending a year writing a complete set of documentation to produce a less-than-perfect programming language that more people can use because they can figure out how to use it.    
Or, maybe the information is there and I haven't found it. But even if that is true, that still is a problem because something that important should not be that hard to find.

posted by:   Steven White       8-Aug-2014/10:17:52-7:00

Have a look at:
paragraph "Special Options"

posted by:   Jean-Louis       10-Aug-2014/16:16:28-7:00

Thanks, Jean. It is quite useful.
But I still agree with Steven in that the documents on R3 GUI is not only scattered, but also quite insufficient. I think it's time for the rebel community to do something to improve the documentation. Rebol is a great language, but it is such a pity that many who are interested in it are discouraged by not having systemic and detailed documents.

posted by:   Rex       15-Aug-2014/8:54:53-7:00