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Text Art

REBOL looks great fordoing the modern programming stuff, but can it do basic Text Art stuff like the old languages based on BASIC could.

posted by:   Daniel       29-Jul-2014/19:28:07-7:00

Text Art in BASIC? I don't recall any Text Art routines in BASIC... What exactly are you looking for? Sounds like it might be a cool option :)

posted by:   mothdragon       30-Jul-2014/19:40:53-7:00

Perhaps the TUI dialect would help. Take a look at this section of my tutorial:
And the resulting Textris program:

posted by:   Nick       31-Jul-2014/11:51:48-7:00

You can have it begin printing at any coordinate on screen, then feed it instructions for any drawing routines you want.

posted by:   Nick       31-Jul-2014/13:40:47-7:00

Oh... Ascii art! I'd forgotten about that! Cool stuff!

posted by:   mothdragon       9-Aug-2014/23:52:58-7:00