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Building a R3 developer's 'stack'

I have settled on Rebol for my next project. I am now faced with which Rebol, GUI, database version to use.
I am looking to write a collaboration tool, including an offline and local database.
I am specing out the editor right now, leaning towards SQLite for flexibility, speed and reliability, but then I see no real DB available on R3.
I consider setting a basic interprocess communication between an R2 and R3 instance, that would allow to benefit from the best of both worlds.
Rebol3 GUI and Rebol2 backend seems the way to go at this stage of Rebol life.

posted by:   OneArb     8-Jun-2014/13:47:40-7:00

If you prefer R3 GUI, and are set on using R3 for even part of your stack, why not try Shixen's MySQL driver:
From what I understand, it's seen some production use, and MySQL's domain is really broad. (For what it's worth, I do lots of work without any DBMS: http://re-bol.com/rebol-multi-client-databases.html )

posted by:   Nick     8-Jun-2014/20:35:43-7:00

I am focusing on the desktop side. I am planning to search a dataset larger than what memory may hold.
SQLite seems best fit
speed (faster than MySQL)
server free
manifest typing
     (flexible typing during development phase)
data safety (hardware failure recovery)
one file only to install
I may go with Rebol Uniserve if I go with a Rebol2 backend, Rebol3 frontend combo as it seems pretty easy to use and setup.
Right now I'll try push through Rebol2 till database is up.

posted by:   OneArb     9-Jun-2014/12:33:29-7:00

You can check with Robert from Saphirion on AltME. They have some R3 SQLite extension which they may be willing to license.

posted by:   Nick     10-Jun-2014/1:29:05-7:00