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join altme

name: Jackie
Username: AbleTec

posted by:   AbleTec     26-May-2014/14:41:05-7:00

Hi Jackie,
Did you download the AltME program from http://www.altme.com ?
Then start that up and visit the world REBOL-Gate
Use the guest guest as login.
Ask for a login like you did above in the group REBOL4 join Requests
Cu there?

posted by:   Arnold     26-May-2014/15:05:37-7:00

Jackie, I can also highly recommend StackOverflow Chat http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/291/rebol-and-red (if you don't already have a StackOverflow account, it's easy enough to signup and accumulate the meagre amount of points you'll need to chat—http://rebolsource.net/go/chat-faq).

posted by:   Chris     26-May-2014/15:24:46-7:00

http://rebolsource.net/go/chat-faq -- Nick, I have a routine for URL matching: http://reb4.me/r/extract-urls

posted by:   Chris     26-May-2014/15:26:37-7:00

Ooh cool - yeah, there have been some issues with URL.

posted by:   Nick     26-May-2014/17:09:28-7:00