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Rebol & Windows registry

Sorry--I'm a Rebol newbie, & I'm *really* confused. I see in various places that an SDK is needed for accessing Windows Registry functions, but it seems like the SDK is only for Rebol 2, not 3. So:
a) Can Rebol read/write to the Windows Registry, especially the 64-bit version? &
b) Does one have to buy an SDK in order to do so?
Thanks for any help. Seems like Rebol is pretty cool.
1 additional question, perhaps: are there serious incompatibilities between Rebol 2 & 3, i.e., will the code on business-programming.com work on R 3?
Thanks for any help, all, & I'm sorry for such rank newbie questions.

posted by:   AbleTec     26-May-2014/14:37:20-7:00

What is it you want to do using Rebol? Chances are you will not need to buy an SDK, the SDK is only for the closed source R2, that will not be seeing further development. R3 has no SDK and is open source.
Yes Rebol is really cool and has a friendly community too.
Nick has done a great job also creating a lot of his code available for R3.

posted by:   Arnold     26-May-2014/15:19:40-7:00

Rebol2 has no 64-bit versions, is not open source, and development is inactive. For most practical purposes, you can consider Rebol2 to be dead. It will never be retrofitted to support Unicode, it will never have a 64-bit version, etc. etc. But it still works on the platforms it works on, and those whose needs it meets still find use from it.
Rebol3 is open source (as of December 2012), now has 64-bit versions, supports Unicode, and GUI on Windows/Linux. But it hasn't quite found a good governance model to decide where to take it, and has 2 major forks. There's also another effort called Red that is gaining traction as an alternative, with a completely different implementation concept:
In the spirit of Red's Chinese patrons, I will quote the saying about their word "crisis"
"When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters.
One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity"
So while they may be in flux, Rebol and Red do have a very interesting programming story to tell:
...and depending on your thinking of what is a good way to spend time or not... it might be a good time to jump in and learn something different and new. Maybe it's the next big thing, who's to say? There's an active chat room here:
See the notes here about the SO chat room process, and you might find some other interesting information:

posted by:   HostileFork     26-May-2014/15:29:11-7:00