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Tab-able buttons?

Is there a way to make a button tabable? I prefer this when I am doing data entry and don't wish to lift my hand off the keyboard to click the button with the mouse.

posted by:   John       2-May-2014/17:10:09-7:00

You should really take a look at RebGUI. It has that feature built in by default. It also has a 'tip option which may provide a solution for your error check question (pop up a tip over every field with an error).
In VID there is a 'flags property:
     svv/vid-styles/btn/flags: [tabbed return field]
     view layout [field field btn]
But, as far as I've looked, the 'return option doesn't operate as I expect. You can assign a key combination to a button:
     view layout [field field btn #"^l" [alert "ok"]]

posted by:   Nick       3-May-2014/6:22:51-7:00

Thanks for the suggestion. I will pay a lot more attention to Rebgui. The #"^1" is what key or keys?

posted by:   John       3-May-2014/10:44:55-7:00

The ^ symbol is the CTRL key, so #"^l" is CTRL+L. Any single character assigned to a widget may possibly be typed into a field, and that would run the button code. Adding the CTRL key combination eliminates that possibility.

posted by:   Nick       3-May-2014/10:54:02-7:00