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Improve Help with an example

The Help at the command line is great, but it could be even better if there was a small example for the command itself and for each of the options available.
This way, it would be faster to solve one's problems.

posted by:   Luis Mendes       30-Apr-2014/18:03:16-7:00

There's a really good example of that in RebGUI. Ashley implemented an 'examine function:
     do http://re-bol.com/rebgui.r
     examine text-list
You'll see the example data is stored in the 'tip property of each GUI widget object:
     ? ctx-rebgui/widgets/text-list/tip
Anyone could add this feature natively to the R3 source, or tack it on as separate function in R2, as Ashley did.

posted by:   Niick       1-May-2014/2:27:49-7:00

And this exists:
     do http://re-bol.com/wordbrowser.r

posted by:   Nick       1-May-2014/18:37:15-7:00