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Experimenting with r3-gui.r3 dialect-draw graphics

Hi guys.
In most of the online docs you find this carl/nick's code structure for graphics.
R E B O L [title: "rotate"]
Bck: make image! 300x300    
View/no-wait [image Bck]
    Draw Bck to-draw [
        translate 50x10
        rotate 30        ; integer
        triangle 50x100 93x25 6x25 red green green
    ] copy []
It's the original code and it works. However, a month ago the r3-gui.r3 file was re-organized and all the modules were amalgamated into one. Now we see the options more clearly.
The dialect-draw offers much more flexibility and options. Try these code structures.
R E B O L [title: "rotate"]
view/options [
    tight [ ; Tightly spaced and packed group. No background or borders. Vertical default.
        drawing [ ; use instead of "make image!"
            rotate 10.5 ; now decimal
            triangle 50x100 93x25 6x25 red green green
] [
offset: 800x100
bg-color: black
init-hint: 250x350 ; overrides tight vert
R E B O L [title: "selfie"]
i: load %./yourSelfie.xxx
view [
     image i    
Happy experimenting.
You're welcome.

posted by:   yoffset       21-Apr-2014/14:49:18-7:00

Thanks Steve,
We need more guys like you getting involved :)

posted by:   Nick       21-Apr-2014/15:46:59-7:00