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Where Is The Rebol Song?

I remember a few years ago I heard a funny song about the Rebol language. It made fun of other languages inn the lyrics. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

posted by:   Cricket     6-Sep-2023/15:01:47-7:00

found it:

posted by:   Cricket     6-Sep-2023/15:11:54-7:00

That was a fun memory. I actually wrote the lyrics to that one night in AltMe :)

posted by:   Nick     11-Sep-2023/14:24:10-7:00

Ugh, I didn't sing at all back then!

posted by:   Nick     11-Sep-2023/14:32:26-7:00

Time for a remake :-)

posted by:   Arnold     12-Sep-2023/15:03:52-7:00

Or a Meta song poking fun at REBOL and Red... ;-)

posted by:   Kaj     13-Sep-2023/2:30:53-7:00

That is even better.
I had kind of expected the REBOL song to be much more like Rebel-rebel by David Bowie.
Meta sure still is kind of rebelling like REBOL against (all forms of) software complexity.

posted by:   Arnold     15-Sep-2023/17:35:15-7:00

The Rebol song is still valid today.
Computing is still in a mess.

posted by:   lm     16-Sep-2023/4:17:18-7:00

Yes, but maybe it should be like the Meta-Yell from the Rebel-yell by Billy Idol.

posted by:   Arnold     16-Sep-2023/15:11:51-7:00



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