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sort & list-dir

In the source of list-dir there is a line
     dir: sort dir
As I know sort is a destructive action, it chages the given series.
So is this line necesary? Sort action may change its behaviour in the future? Or just a simple mistake?
     sort dir ;no need to set-word I guess?

posted by:   Endo       11-Jun-2010/3:09:06-7:00

Good catch :) I doesn't appear to be necessary:
dir: read %.
dir2: sort copy dir
sort dir
dir = dir2
== true

posted by:   Nick       11-Jun-2010/10:12:12-7:00

Should I post this to Altme or DevBase (Chat) or RT reads this forum?

posted by:   Endo       11-Jun-2010/10:59:52-7:00

It's not a bug, since sort does return the sorted series. If you'd like to bring it to Carl's attention anyways, Devbase is probably the best place.

posted by:   Nick       11-Jun-2010/11:04:47-7:00