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Rebol Red developers for hire

Is there a list of Rebol Red developers for hire ?

posted by:   adam     4-Apr-2020/14:39:07-7:00

I haven't seen one. What do you need to get done?

posted by:   Nick     4-Apr-2020/16:33:07-7:00

Some months ago I actually got a call from an employment agent looking for REBOL programmers. I offered to mention his request on altme, and I think I pointed him to Nick via his "big book" about REBOL which has contact information at the end. I heard nothing more from him.    
Modesty prevented me from offering myself. I already work full time and I am perpetually stuck in REBOL "Beginnerland" anyway.

posted by:   Steven White     7-Apr-2020/13:03:50-7:00

Red's main channel is gitter. You can reach out to me @greggirwin there, and we can talk. Redlake Technologies is the commercial arm of the Red project, and offers consulting and contract services.

posted by:   Gregg Irwin     7-Apr-2020/21:34:21-7:00



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