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R2 SSL Error

>> about
REBOL/View 1-Jan-2011
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>> read https://rebolforum.com
connecting to: rebolforum.com
** Command Error: SSL Error: error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version
** Where: build-port
** Near: system/words/set-modes port/sub-port [secure: true]
how it fix?

posted by:   Sergey_Vl     21-Jan-2022/5:10:19-8:00

Sadly, Rebol 2 cannot read HTTPS.
It can do plain old HTTP:
read http://rebolforum.com
== {

posted by:   Sunanda     21-Jan-2022/11:47:47-8:00

>> ? system/schemes/https
SYSTEM/SCHEMES/HTTPS is an object of value:
     scheme         word!     HTTPS
     host            none!     none
     port-id         integer! 443
     passive         none!     none
     cache-size     integer! 5
     user-agent     string! "REBOL View"
>> read https://ya.ru
connecting to: ya.ru
== {    
The potential of R2 seems so great that the lack of source code can be compensated by thoughtful architecture and opportunities :)
Opensource R3 and Red are less complete (alpha) and much more demanding on OS and hardware.

posted by:   Sergey_Vl     22-Jan-2022/20:03:04-8:00

Yes, you could write your own HTTPS implementation, but that is very advanced work.
You could also write a binding to some existing HTTPS library, but that is fairly advanced work and may be hard to do in R2. And it would introduce a dependency, possibly OS-dependent.

posted by:   Kaj     23-Jan-2022/13:39:49-8:00

"...some existing HTTPS library..." are using:
...for HTTPS "curl"
>> tmp: copy "" call/output "curl -s https://rebolforum.com" tmp tmp: to-block tmp
== [ bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> ...for E-mail whit proxy (https://www.stunnel.org).
But a solution without using external programs would be much better.

posted by:   Sergey_Vl     24-Jan-2022/4:03:18-8:00

Yes, that's the easiest way. If you don't need high performance, it works. I'm currently using cURL that way in the Meta compiler client.
I once wrote a binding for R3 to LibCURL. That's the next step up to make it less primitive. Potentially, LibCURL can be linked in statically in R3, but not R2.

posted by:   Kaj     24-Jan-2022/8:27:54-8:00

LibCURL/OpenSSL can be "linked in dynamic" for R2? Some like "curllib: load/library decompress #{789CE53C6B77E..."

posted by:   Sergey_Vl     24-Jan-2022/17:00:40-8:00

You need to load it by file name, and then bind the functions in the library,

posted by:   Kaj     25-Jan-2022/18:46:06-8:00

>> ? system/components/ssl
SYSTEM/COMPONENTS/SSL is an object of value:
     Title         string! "Secure Socket Layer"
     Date            date!     17-Jan-2002/22:45:19
     Name            word!     ssl
     Version         tuple!    1.4.0
     File            file!     %comp-ssl.r
it turns out SSL is written on Rebol? If "yes" is it possible to "update" it? Does anyone have a "comp-ssl.r" file?

posted by:   Sergey_Vl     5-Feb-2022/20:26:35-8:00

I think that's just metadata so R2 knows which features it has. I would expect comp-ssl.r to be high-level code that calls low-level C code.
It's probably possible to write a new HTTPS scheme, it may even be possible to replace the existing handler, if you don't need speed it may be possible to write it in REBOL, but as I said, that's advanced work. Many people have wanted it for a long time, but nobody has done it.

posted by:   Kaj     6-Feb-2022/16:47:56-8:00



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