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not implemented yet? /unbound in 'load function?

load/unbound ["a" "1" "b"]
Script error: load has no refinement called unbound

posted by:   R       23-Feb-2014/9:23:40-8:00

I've always recommended starting with R2 as the best way to get into Rebol. It strikes me that the unimplemented refinements are mostly specific to R3. Since the old timers (those carrying the project forward) are most familiar with R2, the new refinements are likely not immediately missed (or required for typical work).

posted by:   Nick       24-Feb-2014/9:27:55-8:00

That doesn't mean they shouldn't be implemented, especially since they're already documented.

posted by:   Nick       24-Feb-2014/9:29:01-8:00

I wish I could start with R2, but it seems that R2 does not support UTF8. I happen to be a linguist,and have to constantly shift between different languages...Anyway, I believe Rebol is THE best computer language I have ever encountered.

posted by:   R       24-Feb-2014/20:17:52-8:00