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Rebcode converter?

Is there any rebol source to rebcode converter?
I'm using a language named Purebasic, it first converts your basic source code to assembly than compiles the asm source using NASM. Similiar to C compilers.
You can get the asm source output of Purebasic and hand optimize it if you wish.
So I tought it is possible to do it in rebol. Anything made already?

posted by:   Endo       6-Jun-2010/10:51:04-7:00

I've never heard of anyone doing that, but it's an interesting idea. I think everyone's waiting to see how Cyphre's JIT compiler works. Based on everything that Cyphre's done in the past, I expect it will be very good.
I've used Purebasic in the past, but only for tiny projects. Do you actually hand optimize the asm source?

posted by:   Nick       6-Jun-2010/16:16:31-7:00

when will his jit compiler be available ?
on another note, I checked the SDK documentation, it's not really compiling, it is just doing kind of SFX type of executable.
it looks to me, people can still break into the code easy as it has to decrypt and decompress the code in some temp folder to execute, so people will be able to get hold of the code very easily if they want to.

posted by:   yuem       6-Jun-2010/21:46:03-7:00

The SDK does bundle the interpreter with the code in some way, but my understanding has been that it's more secure than an SFX file. Errors, for example, do not drop the user to a command line, as in REBOL/view, where they can poke around. It would be best to ask a more authoritative source, but I expect there are other security features in place, since a significant purpose of the SDK is to protect code from prying eyes (perhaps in-memory decoding of strongly encrypted source - I don't know. If you ask Carl, you'd get a more definitive answer.

posted by:   Nick       6-Jun-2010/22:39:19-7:00

Cyphre suggested that an alpha release of Jitter would be ~mid July.

posted by:   Nick       6-Jun-2010/22:54:09-7:00

@Nick: I'm using Purebasic since 1998, it was released first on Amiga. I hand optimize and usually examine the asm sources generated by Purebasic on Amiga. And it is open source on Amiga now.
It is very useful for small projects, it supports multithreading, dos applications, networking, window & screen functions in a very easy way. no runtime & library requirements and very small executable size.

posted by:   Endo       7-Jun-2010/3:43:20-7:00

(Off Topic) One of my favorite features of PB is the native OS API support - Windows API functions work like native functions. Built in OGRE library support is also nice. Do you use the default IDE? Have you ever used it for CGI development?

posted by:   Nick       7-Jun-2010/11:12:25-7:00

Yes Windows API support is very nice. Think about trying C or other languages to call win APIs, annoying declarations etc.
I used PB for making some small cute games. usefull dos applications like hex2dec, md5 string or file, send files via udp in multithreaded way. I use it for CGI for testing only, it is easy and works well.
it support structures, linked lists, maps and lots of very good and small libraries.
I use its default IDE for compiling, don't use Visual Designer.
I also think that using PB for making extensions for Rebol.

posted by:   Endo       7-Jun-2010/18:59:15-7:00

(Off Topic) Purebasic 4.50 is out with very nice features about maps, arrays, lists and structures.
Hmm, we can open a new topic like "Announcements" for this kind of news about rebol or something else, such as new products, new versions etc.

posted by:   Endo       9-Jun-2010/3:28:23-7:00

you seem to have played with those basic lanugages for a while, what do you think of xbasic? or xblite?
I have not used the basic language family so far.

posted by:   yuem       9-Jun-2010/22:09:38-7:00

@yuem: I never used xbasic or xblite.
I used Amos, Blitz (just a little bit), Dark Basic and D looks good also. But I'm using PureBasic only.
People don't respect those languages just because of the "basic" word. But Purebasic is an advanced language if you know how to use it.
And it is so easy to learn PureBasic (as well as all basic languages) just by reading help manual.
If its name would be P# or something people would love it, I'm sure. What a shame.

posted by:   Endo       10-Jun-2010/3:03:18-7:00

I meant I'm using only PB in these kind of languages. I'm using Rebol, 6502 Asm, 68K Asm, VB6, vb.Net and C#.
For small & fast applications PB is enough, on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

posted by:   Endo       10-Jun-2010/7:54:12-7:00

PB is really fantastic - I'd use it more, if not for REBOL :)

posted by:   Nick       10-Jun-2010/11:35:34-7:00

The best way is to use both actually. I use Rebol for scripting and open sourced scripts and I usually use its console. But if I need to compile an exe to send a customer then I use PB. no rumtime, small exe size, console or windowed (or fullscreen directx) apps.

posted by:   Endo       10-Jun-2010/18:44:48-7:00