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is there direct access to ports such as the USB ports on a computer. My thought is I would like to take a program like procomm plus and make it work with an app on my android. Or maybe just rewrite a program to dial out on a modem.

posted by:   ron     6-Feb-2014/20:18:52-8:00

Rebol 2 has serial port access, but maybe not usb ports.

posted by:   NJK     8-Feb-2014/22:01:58-8:00

Have you tried serial:// port access?

posted by:   Nick     8-Feb-2014/22:12:38-8:00

yes that will work nicely but, only in rs232, 9 or 25 pin....usb addressing is different. I will keep searching for usb info.

posted by:   ron     10-Feb-2014/7:27:57-8:00

Search the rebol.org archives - I have read about implementations of USB access in native R2. Otherwise, perhaps use a library such as http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/libusb-win32/wiki

posted by:   Nick     10-Feb-2014/10:22:46-8:00

Carl Sassenrath (originator of Rebol) did a serial port interface to do home control with Insteon devices:
He has not published the source as of yet, though there has been interest. You can throw your voice into the "give us the codez" pool and join us on StackOverflow to bug him about that. :-)

posted by:   HostileFork     19-Feb-2014/6:13:28-8:00